Michael Manuel

Photos by Michael Manuel

Michael’s been in the fashion business since 1990 working for clients like Nieman Marcus, Dickies, Stanley Korshak. He’s managed large crews in high concept studio shoots. He’s roamed edgy city backdrops with winsome models and a lone camera. Whatever the circumstance, the end result is always the same . . . beauty. Now since 2008, he brings his skills to wedding photography and the end result is always the same . . . beauty.

It takes a great deal of experience to capture just the right moment . . . the groom stealing a glimpse of his bride for the first time . . . the parents knowing smiles. It takes empathy and a love of the human condition.

Michael Manuel brings these intrinsic skills with him. He’s especially gifted at putting the nervous bride at ease on her Big Day, so she can exude confidence and look her best. The world of women is nothing new to him. So, the move from fashion to wedding photography is a natural one . . . just a little dressier !